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Five Star Insurance Specialist is a down to earth insurance company who's views are helping people save money in these tough, economic times.
We're independent agents which means we can shop insurance around to find the best rate and the best coverages. 
We have a passion to help and we understand the struggles of our area. 
We're here whenever we are needed, and we go the extra mile to help make sure the insurance process is simple, easy to understand, and doesn't cost a fortune, while making sure every coverage is added that is critical to the safety and benefit of our clients.
We have an active role in community, we love promoting our small businesses especially since they are the backbone of the American dream.

Flashy billboards, ads, you tube videos, you won't get them from us, what you will get is a small business with two agents who know what struggling to make ends meat is all about. We would rather advertise our small businesses, schools & communities instead. We will laugh with you and shed tears with you, we have compassion, empathy, and passion to help you.

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